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How Can You Benefit From Property Management in the Eastern Sierra

Your Eastern Sierra property is a treasure, a place where you can escape and enjoy all your favorite hobbies in a beautiful, natural setting.  

When you rent out your property, whether residential or commercial, you want to know that your biggest investment is being taken care of by the best in the real estate industry.  That's why having professional property management in Eastern Sierra is so important.  So for an experienced, customer-service oriented company, look no further than Eastern Sierra Property Management.

Eastern Sierra Property Management knows the area from Mammoth to Crowley Lake, and Bishop to Independence.  A company with this much experience knows exactly how to work within the current real estate market, whether it's pricing your property correctly or marketing it nationally to the right potential tenants.  Property preservation comes first for Eastern Sierra Property Management's team.

Professional property managers like those of Eastern Sierra Property Management will handle every aspect of managing your property so that you don't have to.  When something needs to be taken care of quickly Eastern Sierra Property Management is ready to take care of business 24/7.

Eastern Sierra Property Management also understands that different properties require different approaches to management, and we have the experience to handle them all.  We are a company large enough to handle multiple properties, yet we maintain customer-focused service to ensure that all parties needs are met.

Contact us to learn more about our full service property management experience and to educate yourself as to why we are the...

Dining Out in Bishop, CA

Bishop, CA is a rock climber's paradise, and its beautiful setting in the Eastern Sierra has drawn lovers of the outdoors for decades.

When Bishop folks need to fuel up for their next adventure, they don't have to look far to find a great meal in a relaxed atmosphere.

For a delicious breakfast and friendly service, Jack's Restaurant is the best place to start your day.  Comfort food favorites like chicken fried steak and biscuits and gravy are sure to please, and best of all, you can come back for lunch and dinner.

The casual setting of Raymond's Deli Shop is perfect for a lunch out with friends.  The regulars love their stacked sandwiches--especially the Italian Stallion and the Reuben--as well as their soups and salads.  This laid-back deli is an ideal stop for a tasty, filling lunch that's easy on your wallet, too!

Searching for a great happy hour?  Look no further than Whiskey Creek, located just off Bishop's main drag.  They offer half-off specials on several menu items, including their delicious sliders.  Nothing tops off a day of climbing like enjoying a glass of wine, a beer, or a cocktail on the lovely patio.  Cheers!

Yamatani restaurant is truly a Bishop icon. Established in 1984 by the Tani family, Yamatani has brought the best sushi and Japanese cuisine to California’s eastern high Sierra. Join us for an evening in the sushi bar or dine with family and...

Sapphires Hidden In The Mountains: Exploring North Mono County

Sapphires Hidden In The Mountains: Exploring North Mono County

Mono CountyProfessional photo by Steve Dutcher Photography 760.920.9127

One of the distinct advantages of living in Bridgeport or elsewhere in North Mono county is the quick access to one of the most beautiful cluster of lakes in the country. After you pass the iconic tufa towers that line the shores of Mono Lake, turn left at Virginia Lakes Road when you reach Conway Summit. The road will take you into the mountains to Virginia Lakes Resort, and, a few minutes later, you will find yourself in high country paradise.

Besides the towering snow-capped peaks, picturesque summits, and thick pine forests that encircle you, this area has become well-known for its abundance of lakes. Like sapphires and emeralds tucked into little valleys between the mountains, the lakes are everywhere. The bright shimmer of sunlight hitting the water catches your eye the moment you arrive at what the locals affectionately call "the lodge," which has a small general store, a tackle shop, and a rustic cafe.

Two lakes, the Little and Big Virginia, sit a short distance from the lodge's large wooden porch. Another lake, Trumbull, lies within walking distance. All three lakes sit at the foot of large mountains with wide sweeping slopes and snow-capped peaks.

The Summit Trail hike, a popular trail at the resort, is one of the best ways to see many of the area's most beautiful lakes. The trailhead begins at the end of Big Virginia Lake's large dirt parking and takes you on a five mile (round-trip) journey into some of the most stunning scenery in the High Sierras. Some of the things you will see include:

  • Blue Lake: the first of the alpine lakes on this trail and true to its name, its sparkling hue...