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Does Your Mammoth Real Estate Look Warm Enough to Rent?

As we approach the transitional long term rental prime season in Mammoth Lakes here are some tips when staging your rental.  

As long as your Mammoth Real Estate is priced correctly, then it should rent quickly, right? Except, what if you're competing with other rentals at the same price point? How do you make your property stand out? Deciding on a place can be an emotional choice as much as a budgetary one. If you make your interiors look warm, inviting, and cozy, then you can tip the rental decision in your favor. The following are some staging tips.

  • Fill your spaces. Bare floors, minimal accessories, and sparse furniture make rooms look cooler and are perfect for the summer. Go the opposite way to add warmth in the winter. Layer furry furniture throws and patterned pillows on your upholstered pieces so potential tenants look like they can wrap themselves in something warm. Add shag or Oriental rugs to the floors. Replace smooth, metallic accessories with ones made of rough natural materials, such as wood or stone.
  • Include Mother Nature. There is not a more beautiful place in the Eastern Sierra than Mammoth Lakes and nothing denotes the warmer spring and summer months like nature, so add container plants. Include winter-blooming plants both indoors and out for touches of color. Some examples include red poinsettias, yellow winter jasmine, pink snap dragons, and white cyclamens. The sound of water, such as from a tabletop fountain, also reminds renters of outdoor spaces.
  • Keep it bright. Lots of light can easily dispel winter gloom so turn on all your lights whenever potential renters come to inspect your place. You can always use timers to keep your spaces bright even when you're not there. Put lamps...

Things To Look Forward To At Mammoth Lakes, CA In The Coming Summer Months

We all know that Mammoth is primarily known for its wonderful skiing and snowboarding during the Winter months.  

This has provided visitors with fun and exciting experiences for years and years.  Did you know that the Summer can be just as fun, though?  With plenty of fishing, hiking and golfing available, you will be able to spend the Summer months having a great time in Mammoth Lakes, CA.


Just because the snow is gone does not mean that you have to stop exploring the mountain.  With plenty of hiking trails openly available, you will be able to explore all parts of Mammoth with just your two feet.  The mountain is beautiful during the Summer, so why not go out and see what it has to offer?


For those of us that just want to kick back and have a relaxing time, maybe fishing is right up your alley.  You will be able to just hang out and talk with your group of friends while, hopefully, catching yourself a nice and tasty dinner.


If you are not up for the intensity of hiking but do not want to stay stagnant like you will be while fishing, going for a fun golf trip could be for you.  You will be able to stay relatively active but not so much to where you need to mentally prepare for it. 

When it all comes down to it, going up to Mammoth for the Summer can be just as fun as during the Winter.  No matter how active you want to be, with hiking, fishing and golfing available, you will also be able to stay in your comfort zone.  If you would like to learn more about Mammoth and all they have to offer, please ...

Mammoth Lakes, CA Named among Top Ski Towns for Investors

According to a recent report from RealtyTrac, Mammoth Lakes, CA is among the best ski towns in the nation for investors to buy property in. 

This real estate data gathering firm recently released its listing of best places, with Mammoth Lakes coming in at the number 8 spot among all ski towns in the nation.

The top ski towns were chosen from among cities with a population of at least 2,500 people, along with at least one ski mountain that had been listed in Zranking’s Top 50 list. After narrowing down the towns that qualified, RealtyTrac then compared home values, foreclosure rates and vacancy rates among other factors in order to come up with the best locations for investors to purchase property in.

In fact, foreclosure rates played a significant part in the choice of cities. RealtyTrac looked at 2013 foreclosure rates as well as the amount of decrease in foreclosure numbers since 2010. The reason is that too much recent foreclosure activity could be bad for investors, since it might indicate that home values in the area are actually dropping.

Aside from real estate data, some of the other information that was considered included distance from the nearest airport, local rate of unemployment, and a “pure awesomeness factor.”The “pure awesomeness factor” dealt more with the quality of ski resorts in the local area, as well as the amenities the town had to offer. Mammoth Mountain was given high marks for its slope height, terrain features, and amount of annual snowfall.

The fact that Mammoth Lakes was named as a top investment town is good news for those who would like to purchase property here. To see some of the homes that are available, contact ...