Mammoth Lakes, CA: The Perfect Getaway for Resort Living

Do you want to live in a place where you don't have to travel away from your home just to see a forest, a lake, or a mountain peak? 

Sometimes living in an area where cars, buildings, and the other overwhelming aspects that come with living in a city become too much, thoughts often turn to living in an area where you can be more in tune with nature and start doing the things that you love. Do you miss hiking, biking, skiing, and other activities without having to drive miles and miles out of your way? Do you want to live in a place where you don't have to travel away from your home just to see a forest, a lake, or a mountain peak? Or do you just want to live away from the city? Fortunately, there are areas all over California that fit this description. 

  One area where you can just get away and enjoy nature (permanently or just to get away) would be Mammoth Lakes. There are many different condominiums, homes, and even lots for sale or lease that the professionals at Sierra Resort Property Management can introduce you to. 

  Mammoth Lakes is an absolutely beautiful area for those looking to get away. This area is surrounded by the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains, and is bordered by the Ansel Adams and John Muir Wilderness areas. It is within a lush, beautiful forest. A mere thirty-two miles from Mammoth Lakes is the entrance to Yosemite National Park. Because of its ideal and stunning location, it is a great location for nature lovers and people who just want to get away from all of the noise, pollution, and congestion that come with living in a larger city.

  There are many different areas for its residents to go hiking. One example of a hiking spot is the Twin Lakes Trails, located close to historical Mill City, California. This dog friendly trail is a full day's hike, so this would be an excellent opportunity to break out the camping gear and enjoy nature to its fullest. This trail takes you past the Bottomless Pit, the Seven Lakes viewpoint, as well as many other breath taking view points along the way. There are also several other hiking trails in the Mammoth Lakes area.

  There are also many different biking trails that the bikers who travel this area will definitely want to check out. The Mammoth Lake Mountain Bike Park is a very exciting biking area that is not only fun, but pleasing to the eye. This biking trail offers over eighty miles of scenic cross country tracks and adrenaline rush inducing downhill rides. Although this bike park is currently closed for the seasons, be sure to check this place out once they reopen in the spring.

 The Mammoth Mountain Ski Area is definitely a ski resort to consider visiting. Not only does this area offer awesome, mind blowing slopes, but it offers many other attractions as well. They offer lessons, lodges, restaurants, and airplane rides along with many other exciting and worthwhile activities.

Mammoth Lakes is not only an awesome area to visit, but it's a really cool place to live as well. For more information about this location, contact us Maggie Larson Mammoth today!

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