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Fun Summer Activity at Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort: Gondola Rides

Just because it’s warmer outside doesn’t mean you can’t still visit Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort. In fact, there are a number of fun activities that take place here during the summer months, including one you won’t want to miss: gondola rides toward the summit.

Just because it’s warmer outside doesn’t mean you can’t still visit Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort. In fact, there are a number of fun activities that take place here during the summer months, including one you won’t want to miss: gondola rides toward the summit.

Gondola rides on Mammoth Mountain differ from others, as they are not a boat, but instead resemble a ski lift. A gondola ride will allow you to see an area of more than 400 miles, including numerous mountain peaks. The trip will take you an astounding 11,000 feet to the summit of the mountain, and will allow you to relax in the comfort of your own car while making the picturesque trek.

At the top of the summit, you can enjoy a delicious meal at the Top of the Sierra Café, which specializes in serving salads, soups and sandwiches. You can also elect to have a picnic lunch included in the cost of your gondola ride, or simply grab a light snack from the café. Plenty of seating is provided overlooking the magnificent valley below.

Stop by and visit the interpretive center while you’re at the summit. This center will provide you with the natural history of Mammoth Mountain and the Eastern Sierra in general. Some of the displays offered include those associated with the volcanic history, cultural heritage and geology of the region.

Mammoth Mountain also contains numerous hiking trails that can be accessed from the summit as well. If you’re...

Great Hiking, Biking, and Water Skiing in Mammoth Lakes, CA

There are great trails for hiking and mountain biking in the Mammoth Lakes area, plus there are many lakes for water skiing to get you back in shape for the winter snow skiing. Mammoth Lakes is a multi-season area where you can enjoy a full year of outdoor activities

Here are some great places to go for your hiking, biking, and water skiing pleasures during the summer.


There are many hiking trails into the Inyo National Forest with magnificent views. On these trails, you may discover mountain top views, crystal blue lakes, babbling brooks and streams, and quiet areas to relax. In the Sierras, there are day hikes, casual strolls to strenuous elevation changing hikes. You can also do overnight hikes but these require special permits, which have quotas for overnighters, so you need to get there early to get your permit.

Mammoth Lakes’ area provides more than seventy trails throughout the area, from strolling to challenging hikes. Here are just a few of the many hikes from easy to moderate:


Lakes Basin Area: Off Lake Mary Road provides shorter trails near Lake George. Panorama Dome: The dome is an easy ½-mile hike that begins near the bridge of Twin Lakes. The trailhead is on Lake Mary Road past the turnoff to Twin Lakes. Rock Creek: Most of the trail is near a cold-water creek. Aspens, willows, and other foliage during an early October hike will show you spectacular colors of yellows, oranges, and reds. Devils Postpile National Monument ( A 0.4-mile hike leads Devils Postpile a unique geologic feature protected by the National Park Service. There are about eight miles of trails within the park. Make...

Mono County’s Crowley Lake: An Ideal Spot for Equestrians

Mono County Crowley Lake, CA Equestrian Perfection

Are you looking for a place where you can stretch your legs, do a little fishing and maybe raise a few horses? If so, Mono County's Crowley Lake area may be the perfect spot for you. Some of the properties are equestrian zoned and others offer easy access to the water, a BLM run campground and a fish camp.

One of our many favorite Mono County properties is located on Aspen Springs Ranch Road. Built in 1997, it is the ideal spot to do many of the activities mentioned above and more. There is even a wine cellar, steam shower, indoor spa, fireplaces and heated floors included in the home’s layout. Plus, it was once featured in the magazine, Log Home Illustrated.

If you are enamored with the idea of having your own pond and running creek too, the beautiful home on Hilton Creek Drive may be of interest as well. Built in 1989, it sits on a spacious, 1.01-acre tract of land that shares a border with the Inyo National Forest. So you won’t have to worry about feeling fenced in or under the constant, watchful eyes of neighbors. In addition, the forest is home to horse trails that are open to the public.

Of course they are not the only places in Mono County that offer tempting conveniences and luxurious...

Great Reasons to Call a Residential Specialist for Mammoth Lakes Real Estate & Mammoth Lakes Long Term Rentals

Contact Maggie Larson Mammoth for all your residential real estate needs including Mammoth Lakes long term rentals. 

Before you start scrolling through Eastern Sierra and Mammoth Lakes Real Estate listings or placing that For Sale or Rent sign on your home, stop a moment and remember one thing. Buying, selling and renting a home are three of the most important decisions that a person can make in his or her lifetime. So shouldn’t you select a Residential Specialist for Real Estate & Rentals to help you through the process?

Residential Specialists for Mammoth Lakes Real Estate & Long Term Rentals are unlike other real estate agents. That’s because they have extensive experience, education, connections and familiarity with residential markets in their area. Take me for example. I’m a mother of five who’s spent 13 years living and working in the Eastern Sierras and Mammoth Lakes. I have first-hand knowledge about the area and its many services.

In addition, my life’s work and education history have been focused on residential real estate and property management. There are also plenty of Eastern Sierra client’s that can vouch for my integrity and business skills. So locals and out-of-town clients alike can feel confident with my professionalism.

Furthermore, as a Residential Specialist for Real Estate sales & Rentals, I have access to a wide variety of Eastern Sierra properties. Geographical areas that I tend to work with are Mono and Inyo Counties including Mammoth Lakes, CA and Bishop, CA. Within them, would-be buyers and renters are apt to find the following and much more:

  • Residential Homes for sale
  • Condos for sale
  • Vacant...

Trout Stocking and Opening fishing day in Mammoth Lakes

Time for the opening fishing day in the Eastern Sierra and in Mammoth Lakes, CA

Visit Reagan's Sporting goods in Bishop, CA 

Desert Springs Trout Farm to Stock Trout in Mammoth Lakes this Year

Fish farm to ensure another great fishing season in the Mammoth Lakes Basin

Mammoth Lakes, Calif. (March 26, 2014) — As fishing opener nears, the latest angling news in the Eastern Sierra is that the Town of Mammoth Lakes and Mammoth Lakes Tourism are working with Desert Springs Trout Farm for fish stocking in the Mammoth Lakes Basin for 2014.


“Conway Ranch’s water issues are very unfortunate, but luckily we have found a solution for this year with Desert Springs,” explained Mammoth Lakes Tourism Executive Director, John Urdi.


Desert Springs will provide at least 11,000 pounds of fish compared to the 7,600 pounds (nearly a 45 percent increase year over year) the Lakes Basin received last year, which means anglers will have an even greater opportunity to land a big one this summer.


“The fish that will be stocked in the Lakes Basin would be the same types of trout that Eastern Sierra anglers have caught in the past, from browns to rainbows, etc.,” said David Mcfarland, partner of Desert Springs Trout Farm. The trout will also be the trophy-sized, 3-5 pounders to which Eastern Sierra anglers are accustomed.


“Not only will we continue to have frequent fish stocking, but in the Mammoth Lakes Basin we will have even more fish,” Urdi continued. The extra...

Mammoth Lakes, CA: The Perfect Getaway for Resort Living

Do you want to live in a place where you don't have to travel away from your home just to see a forest, a lake, or a mountain peak? 

Sometimes living in an area where cars, buildings, and the other overwhelming aspects that come with living in a city become too much, thoughts often turn to living in an area where you can be more in tune with nature and start doing the things that you love. Do you miss hiking, biking, skiing, and other activities without having to drive miles and miles out of your way? Do you want to live in a place where you don't have to travel away from your home just to see a forest, a lake, or a mountain peak? Or do you just want to live away from the city? Fortunately, there are areas all over California that fit this description. 

  One area where you can just get away and enjoy nature (permanently or just to get away) would be Mammoth Lakes. There are many different condominiums, homes, and even lots for sale or lease that the professionals at Sierra Resort Property Management can introduce you to. 

  Mammoth Lakes is an absolutely beautiful area for those looking to get away. This area is surrounded by the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains, and is bordered by the Ansel Adams and John Muir Wilderness areas. It is within a lush, beautiful forest. A mere thirty-two miles from Mammoth Lakes is the entrance to Yosemite National Park. Because of its ideal and stunning location, it is a great location for nature lovers and people who just want to get away from all of the noise, pollution, and congestion that come with living in a larger city.

  There are many different areas for its residents to go hiking. One example of a hiking spot is the Twin Lakes...

Bishop, California: A Perfect Place to Call Home

If you are searching for the perfect medium to purchase real estate between California's hot, desert climate and its mountainous, cooler areas, Bishop, CA is definitely a spot you should consider

The weather here is quite mild and the people are very laid back and friendly. The area itself has a small population of a little over nine thousand people. There are also plenty of things to see and activities to do in this area that make it an absolutely delightful place to live in. If these things aren't right in Bishop, they are no more than two hours away. Bikers, hikers, and those who just have the desire to see more of nature's bounty can all agree that Bishop, California is the place to go to see and participate in all of their favorite sights and activities.

 National Parks

For those who are just dying to see all of the natural wonders that California has to offer, Bishop is close enough to several of them that you'll have the opportunity to see some of the biggest names in state nature preserves. Visit Yosemite National Park and observe its breath taking views from the cliffs, see flowing streams and clear waters and get lost in nature. Experience the scorching hot biome of Death Valley and the scarce, but beautiful vegetation that the desert has to offer. Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park are also a couple of the other national parks that are within a short driving distance of Bishop.


Bishop also has something to offer for its hiking enthusiasts. There are many places to hike in and around Bishop that are exquisitely beautiful. One great spot to hike is the Bishop Pass Trail. This trail is one that is often traveled by hikers...

Mammoth Lakes Real Estate meets Beverly Hills Real Estate

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Mammoth Lakes Long Term Rentals are Going Fast, So Act Now

Have you always wanted to spend a season living in the Eastern Sierra Mountains? If so, now is the time to secure your Mammoth Lakes long term rentals. Otherwise, you may end up missing out on some of the best, summer and winter vacation rental homes in California.

At Sierra Resort Property Management, we currently have several stunning, Mammoth Lakes long term rentals available. Two of our favorites are located on Meridian Boulevard. One is nestled in the St. Moritz Subdivision and the other is in the Central Subdivision. Collectively, they each feature fabulous, highly sought after amenities like pools and furnishings. In addition, both are within easy access of the area’s shopping malls and attractions. Seasonal, public transportation is also well within reach of these two Mammoth Lakes long term rentals.

At the moment, there are also Mammoth Lakes long term rentals available on Lee Road, Old Mammoth Road, Canyon Boulevard and Grindewald. The Lee Road rental is located within the Central Subdivision whereas the Old Mammoth Road rental property is in the Discovery IV Subdivision. As for the other two rental properties, they are located in the Canyon Lodge Subdivision and the Mammoth Knolls Subdivision, respectively. Mammoth Lakes Rental Listings

The Canyon Boulevard property is exceptionally ideal...

Seven Financial Benefits of home ownership this tax season in Mammoth Lakes

There is still more snow on the way in Mammoth Lakes, CA

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We're looking forward to a gorgeous summer in Mammoth Lakes and can't wait to have you join us. Contact me for more information at Sierra Resort Real Estate

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I look forward to meeting you!


Fishing Technique to Use in Mammoth Lakes to catch 'Walter'

Opening season is quickly approaching.  Getting out on the water in the wee hours of the morning, casting a line out and waiting for the fish to come your way… this is what many people call relaxation~

There’s something to be said for the tranquility fishing brings – communing with nature and being at peace with one’s own thoughts. Well, that’s great for the first hour or so, but then, like everyone else, you’ll be ready to catch some fish.  I find myself getting rather impatient waiting for "Walter" to take my tasty garlic worm.  I think I will add a gadget to my cute little pink tackle box this year. A porfable fish finder.....

Using a fish finder can make that easier. A fish finder is a device that locates fish underwater by employing sonar. Sonar uses pulses of sound to locate movement. Measurements and graphical displays aid the user in tracking and finding schools of fish. Fish finders are excellent tools to use when trying access the fish that dwell at lower depths. 

You can get a fish finder in bait and tackle stores and even online. Hummingbird and Lowrance offer the best fish finders on the market. Both provide an image that is more like a picture, high definition screens, 2D format displays.   Some fish finders also offer GPS plotting functionality so that you can chart a course.   There’s even an Ethernet port to share coordinates between two units on high-end fish finders. These functionalities make fish finders easier to read and will render the user more accurate. 

Fishing is a relaxing past time for many people all over the world. It is also a great survival skill to learn. Many people who engage in this pastime have memories of fishing with their father or grandfather on a calm lake, whiling...

Psst…Trout Fishing Bliss May Be Found in Mono County, CA

Fishmas will be here before you know it. I am excited about that, are you?

For those of you that may have never heard of Fishmas before, it’s Mono County anglers’ code word for the start of trout season. This year, it’s set to cast off on April 26th. Here’s a tackle box full of information on how to enjoy the big day:

To begin with, you’ll need a place to hang your fishing hat for the night and a fishing license. I can help you find the perfect overnight accommodations in Mono County. At the moment, there are so many beautiful places to rent or buy in the Eastern Sierras. Some of the properties offer direct lake access. Others are located within an easy walk or drive to the water’s edge. So just pick out a few fishing spots that you may want to try. Ones to consider are Convict Lake, Crowley Lake, Lundy Lake, Mammoth Lakes Basin and June Lake. Then let me know what your choices are. That way, I can narrow down the field.

As for the fishing license, you can buy one online through the state. Prices for 2014 licenses range from $15 to $125. The state also offers access to stocking reports. You can find fishing reports available through many Mono County marinas and fish camps too. Among those that offer such reports are the Crowley Lake Fish Camp, Gull Lake Marina and the Bridgeport Reservoir Marina. Water levels, temperatures and other fishing relevant information are available from the U.S. Geological Services' website as well.

Of course you’ll need some trout fishing gear too. No worries there because Mono County has its share of bait and tackle shops. Some of them are located within the area’s marinas. Examples include the Grant Lake Marina and...

Mammoth Lakes, CA: Mammoth Food & Wine Experience Scheduled

After a tough winter, we are more than ready for a summer of sun and fun. Rope off your calendars for July 11-12, 2014. The Mammoth Food & Wine Experience schedule has been announced and select ticket packages are on sale now!

Thanks to some well-deserved attention from (NYC's Top Sommeliers on 2013 and the Year Ahead), California wines are gearing up for a great year. 

We always love summers in Mammoth Lakes, CA, and the Food & Wine Experience adds an extra celebration. 

Some things you can expect from the two-day event:

Best of the Burger Battle

Area chefs and their signature gourmet burgers, square off before a panel of foodies. 

Wine Walk at the Village

You'll walk through the beautiful Mammoth village sampling wines from over 12 wineries and snacking on light bites. Stick around afterward for a full meal and an 80s dance party with the always fun and outrageous, Spazmatics.

Al fresco dining and demonstrations

Learn from top chefs in how to prepare fish and game. Then, enjoy a feast of freshly prepared fish, bison, boar, and venison.

Private home dinners prepared by celebrity chefs

Special ticket packages include a meal prepared in a private home by celebrity chefs. This year's featured chefs include; Josie Le Balch, ...

Mammoth Lakes, CA: A Reason to Look Forward to Spring Vacation

While being nationally known as a winter ski resort and getaway, Mammoth Mountain is also a superb and one of a kind location to spend a spring and/or summer getaway. 

Mammoth Lakes

For several months now most of country has been in a deep freeze, which has left people up to their knees in snow and up to their eyes in frustration. If you are tired of the cold weather and are ready to start experiencing your favorite warm weather activities, do not fear, as spring weather will arrive in a matter of weeks. In the meantime, use your time trapped inside to plan your first warm weather outing, and consider the fun adventures you could have in Mammoth Lakes, CA. While being nationally known as a winter ski resort and getaway, Mammoth Mountain is also a superb and one of a kind location to spend a spring and/or summer getaway. With spring and summer activities scheduled to resume as early as in April you are mere weeks from being able to experience the joy once again of spending time outside in nature. Here are just a few of the many activities in which you can take part in Mammoth Lakes that shoul d give you a reason to spend your next vacation there.


Numerous Sightseeing Opportunities

While being a unique and diverse environment in itself, Mammoth Lakes also acts as the perfect central location from which one can travel to various natural wonders that are in close vicinity to Mammoth. While the hiking trails, scenery, and lakes in Mammoth offer some of the most spectacular sightseeing in the world, which attracts thousands of visitors to the area each year, when staying in mammoth there are other awe-inspiring locations you can easily visit. In mammoth, one is a short drive away from both Yosemite National Park and Devils Postpile national monument,...

Does Your Mammoth Real Estate Look Warm Enough to Rent?

As we approach the transitional long term rental prime season in Mammoth Lakes here are some tips when staging your rental.  

As long as your Mammoth Real Estate is priced correctly, then it should rent quickly, right? Except, what if you're competing with other rentals at the same price point? How do you make your property stand out? Deciding on a place can be an emotional choice as much as a budgetary one. If you make your interiors look warm, inviting, and cozy, then you can tip the rental decision in your favor. The following are some staging tips.

  • Fill your spaces. Bare floors, minimal accessories, and sparse furniture make rooms look cooler and are perfect for the summer. Go the opposite way to add warmth in the winter. Layer furry furniture throws and patterned pillows on your upholstered pieces so potential tenants look like they can wrap themselves in something warm. Add shag or Oriental rugs to the floors. Replace smooth, metallic accessories with ones made of rough natural materials, such as wood or stone.
  • Include Mother Nature. There is not a more beautiful place in the Eastern Sierra than Mammoth Lakes and nothing denotes the warmer spring and summer months like nature, so add container plants. Include winter-blooming plants both indoors and out for touches of color. Some examples include red poinsettias, yellow winter jasmine, pink snap dragons, and white cyclamens. The sound of water, such as from a tabletop fountain, also reminds renters of outdoor spaces.
  • Keep it bright. Lots of light can easily dispel winter gloom so turn on all your lights whenever potential renters come to inspect your place. You can always use timers to keep your spaces bright even when you're not there. Put lamps in dark corners and keep your porch lights...

Things To Look Forward To At Mammoth Lakes, CA In The Coming Summer Months

We all know that Mammoth is primarily known for its wonderful skiing and snowboarding during the Winter months.  

This has provided visitors with fun and exciting experiences for years and years.  Did you know that the Summer can be just as fun, though?  With plenty of fishing, hiking and golfing available, you will be able to spend the Summer months having a great time in Mammoth Lakes, CA.


Just because the snow is gone does not mean that you have to stop exploring the mountain.  With plenty of hiking trails openly available, you will be able to explore all parts of Mammoth with just your two feet.  The mountain is beautiful during the Summer, so why not go out and see what it has to offer?


For those of us that just want to kick back and have a relaxing time, maybe fishing is right up your alley.  You will be able to just hang out and talk with your group of friends while, hopefully, catching yourself a nice and tasty dinner.


If you are not up for the intensity of hiking but do not want to stay stagnant like you will be while fishing, going for a fun golf trip could be for you.  You will be able to stay relatively active but not so much to where you need to mentally prepare for it. 

When it all comes down to it, going up to Mammoth for the Summer can be just as fun as during the Winter.  No matter how active you want to be, with hiking, fishing and golfing available, you will also be able to stay in your comfort zone.  If you would like to learn more about Mammoth and all they have to offer, please contact us.


Mammoth Lakes, CA Named among Top Ski Towns for Investors

According to a recent report from RealtyTrac, Mammoth Lakes, CA is among the best ski towns in the nation for investors to buy property in. 

This real estate data gathering firm recently released its listing of best places, with Mammoth Lakes coming in at the number 8 spot among all ski towns in the nation.

The top ski towns were chosen from among cities with a population of at least 2,500 people, along with at least one ski mountain that had been listed in Zranking’s Top 50 list. After narrowing down the towns that qualified, RealtyTrac then compared home values, foreclosure rates and vacancy rates among other factors in order to come up with the best locations for investors to purchase property in.

In fact, foreclosure rates played a significant part in the choice of cities. RealtyTrac looked at 2013 foreclosure rates as well as the amount of decrease in foreclosure numbers since 2010. The reason is that too much recent foreclosure activity could be bad for investors, since it might indicate that home values in the area are actually dropping.

Aside from real estate data, some of the other information that was considered included distance from the nearest airport, local rate of unemployment, and a “pure awesomeness factor.”The “pure awesomeness factor” dealt more with the quality of ski resorts in the local area, as well as the amenities the town had to offer. Mammoth Mountain was given high marks for its slope height, terrain features, and amount of annual snowfall.

The fact that Mammoth Lakes was named as a top investment town is good news for those who would like to purchase property here. To see some of the homes that are available, contact real estate agent Maggie Larson...

Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort Area: 5 Fun Events to Enjoy in March 2014

Do you love biathlons, The Freightshakers, Irish drinks, extreme sports films and fresh powder?

If so,Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort is the place to be in March 2014 and we can help put you there. During the month, the fun-tastic ski resort and other venues in the surrounding area are hosting a series of events that’ll rock your snow boots off:

June Lake Winter Festival

One of them is the June Lake Winter Festival. It’s scheduled to go down February 28th through March 1st. There will be a dog sled full of activities taking place during the two day homage to winter. Among them are the Triple Threat Winter Triathlon, snow sculpture competition, snowmobiling rally and a laser shooting clinic.

Tahoe Adventure Film Festival

Tahoe Adventure Film Festival’s Road Tour Stop is up next. It’s anticipated to take place March 7th through the 8th at the Edison Theater. A few of the extreme sports flicks fans are hoping to see are Nike Snowboard’s Never Not 2, Colin Kennedy’s Quik, Mark Tipple’s Duct Tape Surfer and Big Up Productions’Spice Girl.

St. Patrick’s Day Party

On the 17th, you may want to grab your shillelagh and make your way to The Village at Mammoth too. The merchants there will be helping to host a St. Patrick’s Day celebration that’s sure to please. So be prepared to hit the shops, tackle the slopes and down a pint with friends.

Annual Winter Biathlon

Another big event on the horizon is the ...

Mammoth Lakes Condos Offer Easy Access to the Best Snowmobiling Trails

The last few weeks we talked about skiing and snowboarding at Mammoth and June Mountain.

Photo by:  Michael McDermott Photography 760.920.2406

However, they are not the only two enjoyable winter activities available in the Eastern Sierra. There are also plenty of places to go snowmobiling within easy access of our Mammoth Lakes condos.

In total, the Mammoth Lakes region is home to at least 80 incredible miles of groomed trails as well as ungroomed areas that people can explore alone or with a guide. Some of those trails are located within the Inyo National Forest’s Mammoth Lakes Ranger District. The ranger station is typically open daily, year round from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. It’s a good spot to stop and pick up trail status information.

Beginners may want to check out the Hot Creek Ski Trail. It offers fairly easy going terrain and a chance to see the Hot Creek Geological site. The site features various size hot springs. The list of other popular trails within the forest’s confines includes, but isn’t limited to Inyo Craters, Minaret Vista, Sherwin Creek, Crater Flat and the Bald Mountain Lookout.

The Bald Mountain Lookout trail has three main things of note, sweeping views, a 9,104 foot elevation and a small, quaint warming hut. So you may want to save it for end of your snowmobiling day. While you’re there, don’t forget to sign the guestbook and look at the signatures of those that have been there before.

If you don’t want to cart your own snowmobiling equipment to our Mammoth Lakes condos, you don’t have to. There are several places in the area that provide...

Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort to Host USASA Unbound Series in February

If you thought that the excitement of the U.S. Sprint Grand Prix was something else, you are going to love what’s coming up at Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort in February 2014. 

It’s the United States of America Snowboard and Freeski Association’s beloved Unbound Series. Just in case you’re unaware of the event, here’s the super skinny:

The U.S. Snowboard and Freeski Association holds the Unbound Series each year. It includes a group of freeski and snowboarding events. Among them are the slopestyle, boardercross, halfpipe, skiercross, slalom and GS. There’s also a popular series of rail jams. The series’ participants have a chance to show off their skills, win medals and potentially qualify for the USASA Nationals.

As you can well imagine, the events attract young and old winter athletes from around the nation. Some come to watch and cheer on their favorite snowboarder or freeskier. Others come to participate in the various competitions as well as the raffle and swag giveaways.

This February, Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort will be hosting Unbound Series’ events on five nonconsecutive days. The first event is slated to kickoff on the 1st. The subsequent competitions will be held on the 8th, 9th and 23rd. We should also mention that an additional series event is planned for March 8th. Those interested in competing should contact the USASA directly for sign-up information.

Members of the 2013-2014 USASA Snowboard and Ski Teams are likely to be at Mammoth Mountain during the events. So visitors may get to rub ski or snowboard wax with celebrities too. The list of team members includes talented stars like Ethan Swadburg, Tania Prymak, Maggie Rose Carrigan...