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To update, or not update, your vacation rental property?

Snowcreek condo

Now that you finally have a vacation property in Mammoth Lakes, do you update it, or leave it in it’s dated condition? If you plan on renting your property on a nightly rental program then updating it will generate more bookings and income than properties that are not updated. Vacationers are tired of paying high prices for a rental that is old, smelly and outdated. An updated property does not need to be entirely remodeled with expensive finishes and furnishings. A remodeled condo just needs to have some of the basics to make it an enjoyable experience for the renters. A few updates can go a long way to enhance the appeal of a property. Updating the flooring, furnishings, paint and appliances can go a long way in changing the look and feel of a property.

The first and easiest is to install new flooring throughout. Most owners are smartly using the new LVF products which is a luxury vinyl flooring that comes in a massive array of wood-like colors and plank sizes. The best part about this flooring is that it is waterproof, and if a water intrusion happens it can be removed and reinstalled. It is also scratch and dent resistant making it a very durable flooring. Another benefit with this flooring is that it can be installed in kitchen and bathrooms making a nice seamless look throughout. Although, it is still ideal to have tile or stone at the front door, or any door leading to the exterior the LVF can be used if needed.

The next item which can change the overall appearance of a property is fresh paint. Fresh paint in combination with the flooring will drastically change the look and feel...

Best Time to Buy Real Estate

Best Time To Buy Real Estate in Mammoth Lakes, CA

  • "When is the best time to buy real estate?"
  • "Is Mammoth Mountain a good place to invest in real estate?"
  • "What is the real estate market like right now?"

These are all commonly asked questions I recieve on a daily basis. The answer lies between the mountains in the Eastern Sierras. Since the early 2000's, Mammoth Mountain and surrounding areas have been a getaway for families and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Growing in popularity, Mammoth Lakes has become the number one ski destination in California. Right now, the market is hot with dvelopment reaching new hieghts in the Inyo-Mono area. Despite lots, home and condos being bought up, Mammoth has managed to maintain the old-school ski town feel it is best known for. For Mammoth Mountain, the best time to buy real estate is NOW. Looking at a history of market prices and returns on investments, Mammoth is the best unknown secret in California for investment properties and the perfect getaway. 

If you are interested in purchasing investment properties to list on rental platforms like VRBO or AirBnB, call us now and let us help you find the perfect home or condo. 

Happy skiing, we can't wait to hear from you!


2018 Mammoth Mountain Pond Skim

The 2018 Pond Skim at Mammoth Mountain was a blast! Every year at Canyon Lodge closing day the annual Pond Skim attracts some crazy people in crazy outfits and is fun for the whole family. Contestants line up to take their shot at crossing the 100ft pond on skis or snowboard. Don't worry just because Canyon Lodge is closed, Mammoth Mountain will still be open for some great spring skiing. When you live in Mammoth, Life is always good! Let me, #MaggieLarsonMammoth help you pursue your dream of owning your own home in Mammoth Lakes, CA. Check out all the properties available for sale and my luxury long term rentals on my website. Happy Spring.


Fishing in the Eastern Sierra may make you want to buy a home here!

Fishing in the Eastern Sierra may make you want to buy a home here! 

Fishing in the Eastern Sierra is world class. If you are an avid fisherman looking to live where you can do what you love, contact Maggie Larson Mammoth with Resort Property Realty to find out just how close you can live to the action. Real estate in Crowley Lake, Mammoth Lakes, Bishop, June Lake, Lee Vining and Bridgeport all offer incredible fishing opportunities. So if you want to be close to the hot spots purchase your next home from Maggie Larson Mammoth. Eastside hot spots include the Lower Owens River, Upper Owens River, Hot Creek, Crowley Lake, Convict Lake, The Mammoth Lakes Basin, June Lake, Gull Lake, Grant Lake, Silver Lake, Rush Creek, Virginia Lakes and Bridgeport Reservoir. Call (855) GO-MAGGIE for more information on real estate in Mammoth Lakes and the entire Eastern Sierra!


5 Must-Know Tips Before You Power Up The Pressure Washer

5 Must-Know Tips Before You Power Up The Pressure Washer in Mammoth Lakes, CA

5 Must-Know Tips Before You Power Up The Pressure Washer

It’s the time of year when we start fantasizing about backyard picnics and BBQs in gorgeous weather. If your fantasy involves clean patio furniture and a grime-free deck, you’ve probably considered doing some power washing. Before you get started, here are some things you need to know.

1. Power and pressure washing are not the same thing.
Power washing and pressure washing both use streams of high pressure water to clean surfaces. However, power washing uses a heating element and pressure washing does not. Knowing which option to use can help you get a better clean and avoid damaging your property.

Power washing is the heavier duty option. Use it for large areas like extra-large driveways, hard surfaces that can stand up to the heat, and to get rid of extreme mold, moss, grease, and dirt.

Pressure washing is safer for surfaces. Use it when you have a smaller area like a deck, patio, or driveway to clean or if you need to clean softer surfaces like tile, wood decks, and siding. Pressure washing is also safer on masonry, concrete, and brick.

2. Sometimes you shouldn’t do either.
Power and pressure washing are effective because they’re very strong cleaning options, but they may be too strong for some objects and parts of your home. Anything painted, asphalt roofing, laminar sandstone, stained wood, and anything old will probably be damaged or destroyed if you try to pressure or power wash them.

3. All cleaning solutions are not created...

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your New Home in Mammoth Lakes, California

Home Maintenance Checklist – Spring Cleaning Tips

Below is a home maintenance check list offering spring cleaning tips and advice to get your home’s systems in good working order for the upcoming warmer months.

1. Have your air conditioning system professionally serviced.

2. Change/clean HVAC air filters.

3. Clear debris from around the outside air conditioner and remove the cover if applicable.

4. Inspect windows and doors to make sure they function properly. Replace if necessary.

5. Check putty around window panes and weather stripping around windows and doors. Fix as needed.

6. Check window and door screens and replace or repair as needed.

7. Check locks, latches, and hinges on your doors and windows. Replace or repair as needed.

8. Trim back trees and shrubs as needed to eliminate over hanging branches and improve curb appeal.

9. “Open” your pool for the swimming season. Make sure your pump and filtration systems work effectively and that your chemicals are balanced.

10. Pressure wash your home’s exterior and apply touch up paint as required to address paint failure.

11. Remove leaves, small branches and debris from gutters, downspouts and down-spout extensions so that water properly drains away from your home.

12. Look for sagging or otherwise damaged gutter components and repair if necessary.

13. Check all smoke alarms and C/O ( Carbon Monoxide ) detectors.

14. Turn on water to outdoor faucets. Turn on irrigation system, check sprinkler heads and make needed repairs.

15. Test all GFI’s...

Buy A Second Home In Mammoth, Enjoy Everything Life Has to Offer

Buy A Second Home in Mammoth Lakes, and Get The Best of Both Worlds! 

There is no doubt that surfing and sunsets are a big reason why many of us have a home in Southern California. That, despite the traffic, noise, pollution, and crowded population we can still find beauty in nature. The Eastern Sierra offers everything you love about Southern California without the downsides! The summers here offer mild-warm temperatures to escape the heat and the winters bring a whole new range of sports and outdoor activities. Owning a second home in Mammoth Lakes, is truly living the dream.


Mammoth Mountain All Season Destination

Mammoth Lakes is the premier destination in California for numerous mountain activities including skiing, hiking, biking and much more. 

Mammoth Lakes

The Mammoth Lakes Basin is located on Lake Mary Rd, just past the Village at Mammoth. This area features 5 main lakes that can be accessed by car in the summer. In the winter these lakes become much more isolated and can only be reached by x-c skis or snowshoes. It is an 8 mile round trip to see all 5 lakes. The groomed side of the trail requires a Mammoth Mountain x-c pass, however you are free to adventure on the ungroomed path adjacent to the ski trail. The main lakes featured on this trail are Twin Lakes, Lake Mary, Lake Mamie, Horseshoe Lake, and Lake George. However, there are several other lakes you can explore into the backcountry, experience required. During the summer time this area is a family friendly campground with summer activities like fishing, boating, sup boarding, and hiking. Be sure to keep your food in bear safe containers. "Don’t Feed Our Bears” “Pack it In Pack it Out”


Mountain Bikers Tips For Beginners

Whether you are a complete beginner when it comes to bike riding or are a competent road cyclist, this guide will help explain to you the techniques which are required when it comes to mountain bike riding in Mammoth Lakes, CA . Mountain biking does require some different skills than those used when cycling on the road, especially if you have just purchased a folding mountain bike.

Seat Position Adjustment

?When it comes to your seat position, it is important that it is correctly set, as this will allow you to have the correct body position when both climbing and descending a hill.


?When it comes to climbing a hill, your seat should be at the perfect height to allow you to pedal at the highest efficiency. The way in which you can check that you are at the correct height is by having your pedal at the bottom; your whole leg should be slightly bent. The ideal leg extension is around 80-90 percent, as this will allow you to have the most powerful and efficient pedal


?When going down a hill, it is best to have your seat a few inches lower than the height you had it set at when climbing. With a lowered seat, it means that you have an overall better control of the bike and gives you a boost in confidence when you descend steep sections. Using trial and error will be the best way to find the best height which feels the best to you.


?This may sound like one of the easiest of tips, but it is essential to know how and when to brake to ensure that you feel both comfortable and confident when riding.

?How You Should Brake

?When you brake, it should be done in a controlled and very...

Mammoth Lakes Starwood Estates

Luxurious Starwood Estates in Mammoth Lakes, CA 

Listed below are all the luxurious homes currently listed in Starwood Estates.  This exclusive community located on the prestigious Sierra Star Championship Golf Course are some of the most desirable homes in Mammoth Lakes ranging from the low $1 million to $3 million plus.  

Although on the Sierra Star Golf Course the Starwood homes are conveniently located close to town on the 2 main cross sections of Minaret and Meridian Boulevard.  Located adjacent to the Starwood Estates is the coveted Bell parcel which is a meadow reserve and a safe haven for wildlife year-round.   Contact Maggie Larson Mammoth toll free at (855) GO-MAGGIE for more details. 

Preview all the listings in Starwood Estates:


Meb Keflezighi who trains in Mammoth Lakes qualified for his 4th Olympic marathon

Meb Keflezighi who trains in Mammoth Lakes , CA qualified this weekend for his 4th Olympic marathon.

Mammoth Lakes, CA is one of the most desirable vacation destinations in the world  yet for Meb Keflezighi Mammoth Lakes is home for optimum training conditions in the high elevations.  From San Diego, 40 year old Meb has 1 of the 3 spots for the Olympic Team.  Go Meb~



Excellent conditions in Mammoth Lakes, CA for President's Week 2016

Excellent conditions in Mammoth Lakes, CA for President's Week 2016 means a high of 93% occupancy rate for the town of Mammoth Lakes.

Mammoth Lakes, CA is booming and the conditions are amazing.  There have been so many blue bird perfect skiing days this year it's been incredible.  The snow is spectacular with a 9ft base, and the mountain is staffed and ready for you to come visit our world renown destination The Town of Mammoth Lakes and Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort.  

This weeks occupancy rates:

Contact Maggie Larson Mammoth your Mammoth Lakes Residential Specialist for sales and long term luxury rentals toll free (855) GO-MAGGIE


Maggie Larson Mammoth weekly featured listing in Mammoth Lakes, CA

Mammoth Lakes Real Estate - Take an old condo, remodel it head to toe, and you get KVE#220 This complex might not much to look at from the outside, but this fantastic 1-bedroom + loft, 2-bath unit is move-in ready with both a modern kitchen and bathrooms. Partial views of Mammoth Mountain, pool and spa onsite, easy parking, downtown location, plenty of room, tons of storage, and low HOA fees. What are you waiting for?


Mammoth Real Estate for Lovers of Lavishness: Westin Monache Condos

Are you looking for a piece of Mammoth real estate that will put you in the heart of resort-style luxury?

Then you may want to consider filling out a change of address card that includes the words, Westin Monache. It’s a delightful condominium development within reach of the Westin Monache Resort’s finest amenities. And I do mean fine.

The renowned, Mammoth Lakes resort is recognized by world travelers for its signature Heavenly Beds® and Heavenly Baths®. If you haven’t traveled in style for awhile, please allow us to explain. Initially introduced in the late 1990s, the luxurious beds are manufactured by the well respected firm, Simmons. They feature thick, lush, pillow top mattresses with reinforced edges. And they come with a choice of either low or standard profile box springs.

As for the otherworldly baths, they feature therapeutic, spa-like, dual shower heads that offer phenomenal water pressure and a handful of powerful jets per head. They were custom manufactured for the hospitality chain in the early 2000s by the esteemed, centuries old, American firm,  Speakman® Company. And the good news is both the beds and shower heads are often included in Westin Monache condos.

In addition, Mammoth real estate owners that choose to make Westin Monache their homes have access to other, highly coveted, onsite amenities too. The long list includes a heated swimming pool, serene spa, workout room, concierge services and a restaurant. Known as the Whitebark, it serves breakfast and dinner daily. Plus, there is a fabulous lounge menu available too. Food you’re likely to encounter there are thick, all-natural elk rack chops,...

Mammoth Lakes 'Propportunity' Vol 152

"Propportunity™" / prah-per-tue-ni-tee (noun):  A property priced well in today's market, offered by a motivated seller.

Ski In Ski out location in Mammoth Lakes

422 John Muir Road


Fun Summer Activity at Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort: Gondola Rides

Just because it’s warmer outside doesn’t mean you can’t still visit Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort. In fact, there are a number of fun activities that take place here during the summer months, including one you won’t want to miss: gondola rides toward the summit.

Just because it’s warmer outside doesn’t mean you can’t still visit Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort. In fact, there are a number of fun activities that take place here during the summer months, including one you won’t want to miss: gondola rides toward the summit.

Gondola rides on Mammoth Mountain differ from others, as they are not a boat, but instead resemble a ski lift. A gondola ride will allow you to see an area of more than 400 miles, including numerous mountain peaks. The trip will take you an astounding 11,000 feet to the summit of the mountain, and will allow you to relax in the comfort of your own car while making the picturesque trek.

At the top of the summit, you can enjoy a delicious meal at the Top of the Sierra Café, which specializes in serving salads, soups and sandwiches. You can also elect to have a picnic lunch included in the cost of your gondola ride, or simply grab a light snack from the café. Plenty of seating is provided overlooking the magnificent valley below.

Stop by and visit the interpretive center while you’re at the summit. This center will provide you with the natural history of Mammoth Mountain and the Eastern Sierra in general. Some of the displays offered include those associated with the volcanic history, cultural heritage and geology of the region.

Mammoth Mountain also contains numerous hiking trails that can be accessed from the summit as well. If you’re feeling adventurous,...

Great Hiking, Biking, and Water Skiing in Mammoth Lakes, CA

There are great trails for hiking and mountain biking in the Mammoth Lakes area, plus there are many lakes for water skiing to get you back in shape for the winter snow skiing. Mammoth Lakes is a multi-season area where you can enjoy a full year of outdoor activities

Here are some great places to go for your hiking, biking, and water skiing pleasures during the summer.


There are many hiking trails into the Inyo National Forest with magnificent views. On these trails, you may discover mountain top views, crystal blue lakes, babbling brooks and streams, and quiet areas to relax. In the Sierras, there are day hikes, casual strolls to strenuous elevation changing hikes. You can also do overnight hikes but these require special permits, which have quotas for overnighters, so you need to get there early to get your permit.

Mammoth Lakes’ area provides more than seventy trails throughout the area, from strolling to challenging hikes. Here are just a few of the many hikes from easy to moderate:


Lakes Basin Area: Off Lake Mary Road provides shorter trails near Lake George. Panorama Dome: The dome is an easy ½-mile hike that begins near the bridge of Twin Lakes. The trailhead is on Lake Mary Road past the turnoff to Twin Lakes. Rock Creek: Most of the trail is near a cold-water creek. Aspens, willows, and other foliage during an early October hike will show you spectacular colors of yellows, oranges, and reds. Devils Postpile National Monument ( A 0.4-mile hike leads Devils Postpile a unique geologic feature protected by the National Park Service. There are about eight miles of trails within the park. Make sure to bring plenty...

Mono County’s Crowley Lake: An Ideal Spot for Equestrians

Mono County Crowley Lake, CA Equestrian Perfection

Are you looking for a place where you can stretch your legs, do a little fishing and maybe raise a few horses? If so, Mono County's Crowley Lake area may be the perfect spot for you. Some of the properties are equestrian zoned and others offer easy access to the water, a BLM run campground and a fish camp.

One of our many favorite Mono County properties is located on Aspen Springs Ranch Road. Built in 1997, it is the ideal spot to do many of the activities mentioned above and more. There is even a wine cellar, steam shower, indoor spa, fireplaces and heated floors included in the home’s layout. Plus, it was once featured in the magazine, Log Home Illustrated.

If you are enamored with the idea of having your own pond and running creek too, the beautiful home on Hilton Creek Drive may be of interest as well. Built in 1989, it sits on a spacious, 1.01-acre tract of land that shares a border with the Inyo National Forest. So you won’t have to worry about feeling fenced in or under the constant, watchful eyes of neighbors. In addition, the forest is home to horse trails that are open to the public.

Of course they are not the only places in Mono County that offer tempting conveniences and luxurious amenities. At...

Great Reasons to Call a Residential Specialist for Mammoth Lakes Real Estate & Mammoth Lakes Long Term Rentals

Contact Maggie Larson Mammoth for all your residential real estate needs including Mammoth Lakes long term rentals. 

Before you start scrolling through Eastern Sierra and Mammoth Lakes Real Estate listings or placing that For Sale or Rent sign on your home, stop a moment and remember one thing. Buying, selling and renting a home are three of the most important decisions that a person can make in his or her lifetime. So shouldn’t you select a Residential Specialist for Real Estate & Rentals to help you through the process?

Residential Specialists for Mammoth Lakes Real Estate & Long Term Rentals are unlike other real estate agents. That’s because they have extensive experience, education, connections and familiarity with residential markets in their area. Take me for example. I’m a mother of five who’s spent 13 years living and working in the Eastern Sierras and Mammoth Lakes. I have first-hand knowledge about the area and its many services.

In addition, my life’s work and education history have been focused on residential real estate and property management. There are also plenty of Eastern Sierra client’s that can vouch for my integrity and business skills. So locals and out-of-town clients alike can feel confident with my professionalism.

Furthermore, as a Residential Specialist for Real Estate sales & Rentals, I have access to a wide variety of Eastern Sierra properties. Geographical areas that I tend to work with are Mono and Inyo Counties including Mammoth Lakes, CA and Bishop, CA. Within them, would-be buyers and renters are apt to find the following and much more:

  • Residential Homes for sale
  • Condos for sale
  • Vacant Land and Lots...

Trout Stocking and Opening fishing day in Mammoth Lakes

Time for the opening fishing day in the Eastern Sierra and in Mammoth Lakes, CA

Visit Reagan's Sporting goods in Bishop, CA 

Desert Springs Trout Farm to Stock Trout in Mammoth Lakes this Year

Fish farm to ensure another great fishing season in the Mammoth Lakes Basin

Mammoth Lakes, Calif. (March 26, 2014) — As fishing opener nears, the latest angling news in the Eastern Sierra is that the Town of Mammoth Lakes and Mammoth Lakes Tourism are working with Desert Springs Trout Farm for fish stocking in the Mammoth Lakes Basin for 2014.


“Conway Ranch’s water issues are very unfortunate, but luckily we have found a solution for this year with Desert Springs,” explained Mammoth Lakes Tourism Executive Director, John Urdi.


Desert Springs will provide at least 11,000 pounds of fish compared to the 7,600 pounds (nearly a 45 percent increase year over year) the Lakes Basin received last year, which means anglers will have an even greater opportunity to land a big one this summer.


“The fish that will be stocked in the Lakes Basin would be the same types of trout that Eastern Sierra anglers have caught in the past, from browns to rainbows, etc.,” said David Mcfarland, partner of Desert Springs Trout Farm. The trout will also be the trophy-sized, 3-5 pounders to which Eastern Sierra anglers are accustomed.


“Not only will we continue to have frequent fish stocking, but in the Mammoth Lakes Basin we will have even more fish,” Urdi continued. The extra fish are coming...